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BusinessWire Highlights Toms River Solar Project Positive Environmental Impact

PVOne and EDRF Renewables were both featured on BusinessWire for their partnership for the commercial construction of the Tom's River Solar Project. This is New Jersey’s largest solar project and the largest solar project built on a Superfund site in the U.S.

The project was built on BASF Corporation's property by EDRF, located on Oak Ridge Parkway NJ. This solar project includes a 27.4 MW grid-connected system, as well as an adjacent 1.5 MW net-metered solar system.

BusinessWire highlights the positive environmental impacts that had been carefully considered during the construction of the site. "The solar array was built with rigorous attention to the environment, with specific considerations made to improve the threatened Grasshopper Sparrow habitat and protect the Northern Pine Snake. Existing paved areas in the footprint of the project were removed and will be replaced with native meadow mix grasses and wildflowers. Additionally, Rutgers University will conduct a 5-year monitoring program to study the ecological uplift of the project."

The entire Tom's River project will generate enough clean energy to fulfill 5,250 New Jersey homes.

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