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Vaughn Kaizer

Vaughn Kaizer

Vaughn is a co-founder and Managing Partner of PVOne, with primary responsibilities for project origination, development, and finance.


Vaughn began his energy career as an Environmental Consultant with ICF Consulting performing economic and regulatory impact analyses for federal government clients including the NRC, DOE, and EPA. He was also a Partner in a Washington, DC based venture capital firm where he focused on developing early stage energy technology companies, performing market analyses in the creation of a natural gas hedge fund, and managing a series of high-level industry seminars on competitive energy markets.  Vaughn also is the Founder and Managing Partner of Energy Procurement Partners, an energy consulting firm that helps businesses manage their energy budgets through procurement, energy efficiency, and renewable energy strategies, and co-founder and Board Member of Enerstar S.A., a concentrating solar thermal project development company based in Barcelona, Spain.


Vaughn graduated from Bowdoin College with degrees in Economics and Environmental Studies.

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